Many of the dogs turned over to rescue come from families with small children and no
fences. The adults may work full time, and don't have the time to fulfill the needs of the
active Weimaraner. There are no hard and fast rules about good dog owners. I have seen
dogs that were placed in homes that were perfect profiles (for Weims), that didn't work out
for one reason or another. Often, people describe Weimaraners as 'hyperactive'. Most
Weims that get enough interaction and exercise will be calm and gentle. When people don't
make the time to interact, the results can be literally disasterous; a bored, unattended
Weim can shred a couch in no time. These dogs come in differing ages, from all types of
situations. They are spayed or neutered, and are up to date on their veterinary care. A
variable fee (usually $250) is charged to help offset these expenses. The dogs are
evaluated, and are then placed in suitable indoor homes under contract. Perhaps you own a
weimaraner you can no longer care for, and would like to contact rescue to find a new
family for your dog.


Happy Holidays Everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Inc. We started this year with transitions that have resulted in MWR growing into a bigger, stronger and more unified organization than I ever could have imagined when that first homeless Weim passed through my kitchen in 1991. I would also like to offer a personal thank you and prayer to the families whose special gray ones have passed over the bridge this year. Every time I receive one of these tearful announcements and the conversation is closed by “who do you have for us to adopt now” I marvel at the love and generosity of our MWR families. Each of us as rescuers, and yes whether you are an adopter, a volunteer or a donor you are a rescuer, should be proud to able to have sent these dogs on knowing they were safe and loved. That is the most any of us can ask for as one of God's creatures.
But rescue is not just about saving dogs one of the focuses for MWR this past year has been developing community awareness to the plight of all homeless animals and educating the public to the existence of breed rescue groups. MWR volunteers and their dogs participated in several communities outreach programs, this past year, such as the People Pets and Vets and Dog Days of summer events. As an extension of our monthly summer open houses we will now be doing meet and greets through the Petsmart Charities. We have also been invited as one of only 500 rescue groups nationally to be involved in the Rally to Rescue Program. One of greatest opportunities to educate came in the form of an invitation from Michigan Humane Society for me to speak on shelters partnering with placement groups at the annual Michigan Animal Control Officers conference. This was not only an honor but a chance to help the officers understand how rescues work and to directly introduce MWR to animal control shelters across the state.
With our unprecedented growth has come an outpouring of generosity from personal, community and commercial donors. MWR was the recipient of a generous memorial donation, which has allowed us to establish a special needs health fund. This fund allows us to accept dogs, like TJ who would have otherwise been beyond our resources. Speaking of resources the donation of an alphasonic to the rescue continues to be a benefit to every dog we take in. We are hoping for the addition of a second unit to travel with our special needs fosters. Grants were received from the Wal-Mart Foundation and REOlds as well as the generous donation of a full year’s heartworm treatment from Norvartis Animal Health. We close the year with two exciting announcements; Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Inc is now a State registered Animal Placement Shelter. With this designation we are legally able to accept stray Weimaraners or dogs to be held as evidence and can do shelter to shelter transfers. It will greatly increase our standing and credibility with Humane Societies and Animal Control Shelters. Just as exciting is the inception of our Seniors to Seniors Program as the first step in our Special Care project.
Volunteers have been busy with our many fundraisers the most amazing being the Weim and Cheese Our first ever major fundraising event was a tremendous success and we hope to make it a tradition. Check out the fundraisers at our new Puppy Pantry on the website. Thank you all, MWR relies on our fundraisers and your generous support and donations to continue in the “mission”. Without all of you many gray dogs would not get that 2nd chance. Hug your loved ones two and four footed and say a prayer for those without.

Chris Conklin 2005