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Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Inc.

Michigan Weimaraner Rescue focuses on giving temporary care to rescue weims in need until quality forever families are found. Whether you are ready to welcome a new family member or say goodbye to an old one, Michigan Weimaraner Rescue is here to assist you.
The Kiss

Mission Statement:
To find suitable placements, without profit, for adoptable Weimaraners
in need that have been relinquished by individuals or organizations.
To provide a source of public education of the Weimaraner breed
and encourage responsible breeding practices and consumer education.

Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Inc. is a not for profit,
federal 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in 1993.
Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Inc is now a State registered Animal Placement Shelter.

Matching Weims and families since 1991

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